Is it time to ditch the chocolate & ice blocks?

I was just reading a post on facebook about schools and sports clubs using boxes of chocolates to fundraise and as you could imagine the comments were running hot! Comments were ranging from the “chill out, everything in moderation” to the truly outraged “Don’t make money by poisoning our children”.

Which got me thinking about the kinds of fundraising events I’d like to see in our school*. Of course I wouldn’t like to actually organise any of them myself, I’m just the ideas person ;-) So in my perfect world, I would love to see more of this kinda thing …


Natural cleaning or personal care products

I would totally be into having a standing monthly order for some grapefruit and mint natural soap and I’d be more than happy to buy a pack of natural cleaning products each term.


Small regular book fairs

Donate your old books, buy new books for a steal — all money to PTA / school.


Seasonal seedlings

How good would it be just to pick up ready-to-plant seedlings to throw in the garden each season! Or even packets of seeds or seedling kits to grow plants with your kids?


Fresh herbs

Fresh basil for the weekend — yes please! Maybe even a herb jar exchange programme if there was facilites and time to grow them. (I did say in my perfect world!)


Car washes

Oh my, if I could get my car washed once a month whilst picking my kids up from school I would be very happy! And if there was coffee and a bliss ball to buy while I waited … heaven!


Rent a parking spot for a week

I know a lot of parents who would pay happily for this privilige!


Extra sports coaching or skills clinics

Coaches or parents donate their time to run a particular sports skill clinic (netball goal shooting etc) — gold coin donation.


Just tell me what the money is for

We need $400 to pay for buses to take the kids to swimming — that’s cool, here’s $20 towards it, which you get to keep all of and I don’t have to pay another $20 for something I don’t even want or need.

Of course I know some of these will take more time and effort than picking up a bulk pack of ice blocks or ordering the chocolates and sending them home, but with all the recent mainstream news around sugar, surely now is the time to explore other options?

Dammit, I’m going to have to join the PTA now aren’t I?!


* I have total respect and admiration for PTA members and teachers who work tirelessly to raise money for the benefit of our children — our school has had some great healthy events of late and they never make us sell chocolates — thank you :-)
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