Don't buy me flowers!

It’s not that I’m totally against flowers — it’s just … well, I’d rather have food. So, people who know me well enough, say thank you with a nice vinegar, or some raw honey, or an interesting spice I haven’t heard of. Food items that are a bit out of the ordinary are always welcome in our house — it’s so interesting looking into how they are used and what new dishes and flavours I can make with it. A good staple is always appreciated also (it’s expensive to eat like this sometimes!) — a jar of coconut oil, a nice vanilla extract, a quality olive oil.

I especially love it when people give me their own produce — my brother brings me kale from his garden wrapped like a bouquet, my sister a bag of big juicy lemons from her tree, a friend a bunch of fresh herbs tied up with string, another some eggs from her chickens … those are definitely the kind of gifts I like!

Organic chicken from my special friend Jane

Organic chicken from my friend Jane

Fresh eggs & toms from my awesome friend Caroline

Fresh eggs & toms – I <3 Caroline!

So maybe the next dinner party you go to, you could get a little creative:

  • gourmet vinegar
  • local olive oil
  • growing herb in a nice glass jar
  • arrangement of veggies
  • produce from your garden
  • tray of microgreens
  • a good nut butter
  • bag of fresh nuts
  • jar of sauerkraut
  • jar of fresh mayo
  • flakey or smoked salt
  • raw honey
  • real maple syrup
  • interesting spice
  • homemade chutney
  • jar of dehydrated fruit
  • smoked butter
  • vanilla pods
  • seed crackers
And, really, one is enough — bringing a big basket of goodies just makes it uncomfortable!

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