Marlborough Solar Salt is smoked by hand, and then tumble roasted with garlic, shallots, coriander and chilli.

Changed my life. I wish I was joking. Below is an excerpt from their website – at first I thought that Nirvana line was a bit over the top. Until I tried it.

This sensational Smoke and Spiced Solar Salt will enhance all foods, elevating them to the heights of culinary Nirvana.

I know they sell at a few markets around Auckland, but you can buy online here – get together with a few friends and sort yourselves out.

What do I have it on? Scrambled eggs, definitely. Soups, absolutely. Cauliflower mash, yes indeed. Chicken thighs before they are cooked in a little coconut oil, omg!

BTW I’ve tried all the flavours but the original is the one to go for IMO. They also have the smoked garlic – your roast lamb will never be the same again.

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