I’d been craving a nice chutney for weeks but finding one without the usual crap and high quantities of sugar had proved fruitless ;-) On Saturday I went to the  St Helier’s Bay Artisan Market and came across a stall filled with homemade jams, pickles and chutneys…

“Do you have any sugar free chutneys?”,

“Why, are you diabetic?”

sigh, sometimes it just seems easier…

“well… yes, yes I am”

“The diabetes association says the sugar levels in chutney is fine for diabetics”

“So, no sugar free then?”

“In fact, we’ve just made a whole range because people have been asking for it!”

Ok then. A whole range. She might have lead with that…

Anyway the hardest part was choosing from all the scrummy flavours – Pineapple & Ginger, Tamarillo, Tomato – of course I went for Feijoa and a nice looking mango for our next curry.

Although sugar free, they still have that good sweet hit but with more tart flavours coming through – I am now inspired to make a batch of my own! (see recipes below)

Tamarillo chutney

Feijoa chutney

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