I like when people cook my recipes. Actually I LOVE when people cook my recipes.

To be honest I’m always a little surprised — I initially made these recipes just for my husband who declared “I WILL ONLY COOK PALEO IF YOU GIVE ME RECIPES” and set me up with a blank website and said “go to it”. So I did.

And then other people started to look at my recipes. Then they started to cook them and tell me about it. Oooh the excitement!


Caroline – Dunedin

Caroline – Dunedin

Nancy – Auckland

Priya — Auckland

The Holistic Nutritionist

Phoebe Pham


So if you cook some of my recipes, feel free to email me a photo, or post it on my facebook page or tweet me or hastag it with #cavegirlnz and I’ll track it down.

And keep up the good work eating clean!


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